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The FX3U is the original dual system-bus, high-speed, fully expandable compact PLC designed to seamlessly control communication, networking, analog, and positioning systems. With a maximum of 384 controllable local and networked I/O via CC-Link, the FX3U uses its power and flexibility to provide a solution for a variety of applications.
1. 3rd generation compact PLC
2. High efficiency with more speed, performance, memory, and new functions
3. Built-in high speed processing and positioning
4. The FX3U can control a maximum of 256 connected I/O, and up to 384 points with CC-Link remote I/O.

Product Details
All-in-one CPU, power supply and I/O. Includes many upgraded features from the FX2N, including high expandability using Expansion Boards and Special Adapters to add functionality.

 Fast Instruction Times
Basic Instructions: 0.065 μs / instruction (Contact Instruction)
Applied Instructions: 0.642 μs / instruction (MOV Instruction)

Large Memory
64,000 steps of built-in program memory. Flash Memory Cassettes with loader function are available.

Applicable Standards
All products support EN and UL/cUL standards.Various shipping approvals are supported as well.

Large Device Memory
Auxiliary Relays 7,680 points
Timers 512 points
Counters 235 points
Data Registers 8,000 points
Extension Registers 32,768 points
Extension File Registers (with optional Memory Cassette)  32,768 points

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Power supply : 100–240 V AC
Integrated inputs : 32
Integrated outputs : 32 (Relay)


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