• Mini_Logo-Name_red_Kopie Output frequency: 0.1-400Hz. • Capacity range: 0.1-3.7kW. • Frequency setting potentiometer provided as standard, The frequency can be adjusted easily by hand. • Built-in RS-485 communications ports(RJ-45) as standard. • Overload capability: 150% – 1 min, 200% – 0.5 sec. • Enery-saving function, PID function • Enable to be applicable for various application. • Synchronous motor control function. • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • PowerFlex 525 AC Drives

    PowerFlex® 525 AC Drives feature an innovative, modular design to support fast and easy installation and configuration. This next generation of compact drives offers embedded EtherNet/IP™ communications, USB programming, and standard safety features. PowerFlex 525 drives, which offer a power rating of 0.4...22 kW (0.5...30 Hp) with global voltage classes of 100...600V, provide a variety of motor control and flexible mounting options. PowerFlex 525 AC drives operate at temperatures as high as 70 °C (158 °F), and they are ideal for applications such as conveyors, fans, pumps, and mixers.
  • CA1941H01 พัดลม 24VDC ขนาด 8 cm. ทนน้ำมัน ใช้กับอินเวอร์เตอร์มิตซูบิชิ อิเล็คทริค
  • พัดลมทนน้ำมันขนาด 9 cm. ไฟ 24VDC  3 สาย ใช้กับอินเวอร์เตอร์ มิตซูบิชิ อิเล็กทริค หรือรุ่นอื่นเทียบเคียง
  • FC51-Micro drive

    ฿ 8,740฿ 14,600
  • FC360

    ฿ 23,500
    PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY AND SPEED Increase quality and efficiency with energy efficient, user friendly control of motors from 0.37 to 75 kW. Built on the success of the tried and tested VLT® platform that Danfoss developed and launched in the 1960’s, the VLT® Automation Drive FC 360 shares the same technical heritage as the popular and versatile VLT® Automation Drive FC 300 series. Developed to meet a general purpose operation profile the drive lacks the expand ability of its larger sibling, but still delivers powerful performance out of the box. Due to the fact that all Danfoss frequency converters follow the same basic design and operating principle, existing owners and users of VLT® drives will instantly feel at home when operating the VLT AutomationDrive FC 360. The VLT® AutomationDrive FC 360 is a dedicated industry drive , designed for OEMs, that provides precise and effi cient motor control in a wide range of industrial applications. Built-in features help owners save - Space in installations - Time in setup - Eff ort in daily maintenance. The result is a powerful and versatile solution that increases process effi ciency and quality in a cost-effi cient package
  • FC202

    ฿ 33,400฿ 108,600
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    Altivar 312

    ฿ 9,100฿ 91,000
    Altivar™ 312 variable speed drives For 3-phase motors from 0.25 hp (0.18 kW) to 20 hp (15 kW)   Time and cost savings For the equipment installer and the cable technician:
    • A single, standard tool
    • Less wiring
    • Local controls on the front panel
    • Side-by-side mounting capability
    For the programmer:
    • Rapid programming in just a few clicks using the navigation button
    For the user:
    • Remote graphic display terminal for remote configuration
    • Multi Loader for storing configurations and loading them quickly
    • Simple Loader for duplicating and loading a configuration
    • SoMove software for configuring on PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth® or using a cable
    • SoMove Mobile software for modifying or sending a configuration remotely via mobile phone
    Increased productivity Energy saving:
    • Design and installation cost savings provided by the SoMove software workshop
    • Auto-tuning: Shorter setup time and optimum performance levels
    • Total compatibility with the Altivar 31 in terms of both hardware and software, providing extended product replacement options
    Compact size:
    • Enclosures can be smaller (integrated EMC depending on the model and side-by-side mounting option without derating)
    Standards and certifications:
    • EC/EN 61800-5-1, IEC/EN 61800-3 (environments 1 and 2, categories C1 to C3), CE, UL, CSA, C-Tick, NOM, GOST
    Applications :
    • Handling and packing
    • Packaging
    • Textile machines
    • Special machines
    • Pumps and fans
    หมายเหตุ: ถ้าต้องการใช้ไฟ 3 เฟส 200-240 V AC กรุณาติดต่อพวกเรา   Click Here!
  • FR-F800

    ฿ 18,757฿ 53,910

    Inverter for fans, pumps, and air conditioning with the FR-F series.

    In addition to various energy saving functions, there are also functions ideal for fans and pumps. The inverter provides a solution for your further energy saving needs.

    Frequency Inverters – FR‑F800

    Designed for unparalleled energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR‑F800. The FR‑F800 is mainly designed to be used with pumps, fans and compressors and HVAC applications. It features many innovative functions that allow for the best compromise between efficiency and accurate control. More Detail :
  • FR-D700

    ฿ 2,444฿ 27,723

    The micro-drive solution

    Simple and safe operability, compact design as well as improved performance features were the focus during the development of the FR-D700 frequency inverter. A drive was created that set standards in the field of compact drives. Improved functions and device properties such as simplified cabling thanks to spring clamps, the integrated Digital Dial with LED display, improved performance yield in the low-speed range as well as the integrated emergency stop function make the FR-D700 the standard in the ultra compact class. The FR-D700 is especially advantageous for standard applications by virtue of its user- friendliness. It is the correct choice in both simple and more sophisticated applications. Typical applications are feeder and conveyor drives, machining tools or gate and door drives. More Detail :
  • FR-E700

    ฿ 5,502฿ 23,500

    The Compact Drive Solution

    With 11 million frequency inverter drives already sold, Mitsubishi Electric now introduces its latest generation of compact inverters, the FR-E700 series. In addition to better features and performance than their predecessors, the models in the series are also more compact and even easier to install. Improvements include an integrated USB port, an integrated one-touch Digital Dial control with a display, improved power usage at low speeds and an expansion slot compatible with the many option cards from the 700 series. All this makes the FR-E700 an economical and highly-versatile solution for a wide range of applications from textiles machines to door and gate drive systems to material handling systems. More Detail :
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    ฿ 17,670฿ 86,750
    The FR-A800 series, with its enhanced real sensorless vector control and vector control, meets the needs of all machinery types.

    Precise, powerful, versatile

    Designed for unparalleled drive precision, speed control, simple startup, and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR-A800. Some of the outstanding features are the integrated high level PLC, USB port for programming and parameter copying, an-easy to-read control panel, optimum power usage and energy saving functions, improved system safety, three expansion slots for a range of option and supported network card. The FR-A800 Series is fully backwards compatible with the FR-A700 series. Parameters can be easily copied by FR Configurator2. In order to match the former machine response time, the input/output signals of the FR-A800 can be delayed. More Detail :